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Fantastic Franchise Opportunities

In the 21st century, more and more women are deciding to focus on their careers and other interests rather than settling down with a successful and interesting man. However, the advent of introduction agencies such as Most Beautiful People can make the dream, which many men aspire to, of having a beautiful, educated, reasonably younger and unique woman by your side a REALlTY.

That said, how would you like to own a business where you can become very successful by connecting these Czech lovelies with the single men that desire them? With Most Beautiful People excellent franchising opportunity, you can become part of a growing business – the business of connecting Beautiful, Czech women with the men from Portugal.

But these men don’t want to deal with unsavory services that only offer short-term indulgences; these men are successful men that want an established and accepted way to meet good women – a company such as Most Beautiful People. That is why we offer such a promising and lucrative business opportunity. Because by owning an introduction agency franchise, the possibility of making money in the singles industry is there.

THESE MEN ARE LOOKING FOR YOUR SERVICES! They have been to other websites, they have seen the ads, and they don’t want a mail order bride that looks different than what they were promised and end up unsatisfied. They are not going to find a beautiful, devoted wife with these types of services, and may even give up their search.

That is because many single men are tired of dealing with agencies that don’t deliver what they promise: gorgeous, young, healthy and vital Most Beautiful People that want to be with you and STAY with you. These men are looking for a woman that understands their needs, a lovely wife with conventional values that isn’t hampered by Western ideals. And that is exactly what you will find with Czech and Slovakian women.

This is good for business because it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get a visa for a Russian, Ukrainian, Asian or South American woman to come to U.S.A. or Western Europe. Czech women DO NOT NEED a visa to travel to Portugal. Also, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO THERE to get a visa for the women to visit you in your country – YOU CAN SIMPLY SEND FOR THEM.

But with Most Beautiful People, you can be in the business of connecting these women with the successful men that are established and would like to make a nice life for them in Portugal. And because we are in a fast-growing industry, the chance to turn a great profit by introducing wonderful Czech and Slovakian women is easy. You can operate this excellent franchise opportunity from your office or even your home!

We believe there are no professional, honest organizations that promote the many attributes of Czech and Slovakian women for marriage or as long-term partners to men in Portugal. And there is certainly no other company franchising this service – until now. If you read our informative brochures, look at our website and read what makes Most Beautiful People so unique, we are positive that you will get a better understanding of how and why you can become VERY SUCCESSFUL in this industry.

Remember, the Singles Industry in Portugal is a rapidly growing industry. It is a multimillion dollar industry that is recession-proof because most men are constantly looking for a beautiful and intelligent woman to have as their wife. They just have problems finding a good Caucasian Czech lady, as tens of thousands of men do, and take brides In Thailand, the Philippines and other third-world countries, when a beautiful Czech woman may have been their first choice.

By owning an introduction agency franchise like Most Beautiful People, you can make money by selling our sought after services to men in Portugal. AND you can target an exclusive area for yourself by selling our packages to TRAVEL AGENTS that will spread the word. We are the only company that does this so you have little competition. You can direct Clients to our great website so overhead for advertising and promotion is small, giving you enormous profits because you are selling what almost every man desires.

Dramatic New Business we are NOW IN:

The Placement of Nurses from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in countries all over the world especially in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Middle East. There is a tremendous shortage of nurses all over the world. The U.S. Government is predicting that by 2016 there will be one million more nursing positions than nurses. Hospitals, clinics and care homes are paying anywhere from 15 to 20% fees of the first years salary to agencies to find qualified nurses. For example a RN in the U.S. gets about $48,000 salary a year so the commission would be about $7500 and the franchisee gets 50% of this, which equates to $3720 for each nurse. We also have an advantage over other agencies in that all of Nurses are very attractive which will appeal to Quality Private Hospitals and Clinics.

The cost of this exclusive franchise for U.S.A., Canada, and Portugal is only $10,000 or £6000, and the potential profits could easily be over $250,000 or £150,000 per year,so you have lower costs/higher profits. For other areas in the world we may charge slightly higher prices for the Franchise, but not for the services .You can even offer credit card facilities to all your customers.

If you need other reasons to go into business with Eastern Europe Women, remember: you are giving men the opportunity to marry beautiful, reasonably younger, intelligent, and educated women who will be devoted and committed to them – something they cannot find in the U.S.A., Western Europe or Portugal.

Eastern Europe Women offers VERY HIGH EARNINGS and THE OPPORTUNITY TO OWN A FRANCHISE IN AN INTERESTING AND GLAMOROUS BUSiNESS that you can operate from your home or small office.

Obviously for proprietary reasons, we cannot tell you everything we do and how we find all our beautiful women, but by contacting us, we can explain in detail how we operate and how you can make this sort of money.

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